Our offer

The West Sussex Alternative Provision College is delighted to have partnered with Tute Education to create an accessible, inclusive platform which young people deserve 

Our solution is simple:

WSAPC’s experienced professionals will provide personalised advice and support tailored to the needs of the referring school or adult, and the young person; Tute's qualified, experienced teachers deliver live online lessons to fill gaps in learning  

WSAPC Online offers five unrivaled products that provide flexibility, meet individual needs and budgets. Included within every package is an initial, needs-based consultation, full programme administration, attendance reporting together with an allocated safeguarding lead. 

The solution is the lesson, the product is simply the package that delivers it to best suit your needs

The below product packages are accessed in two ways:


Remember, our lessons are not pre-recorded – they are LIVE and delivered

in real-time by a fully-qualified and experienced teacher

Discover what we have to offer this half-term

APC Virtual School |

£12.50 per student, per lesson

A short-term, flexible online teaching provision with short set-up time and short-term commitment. Create a timetable of between 2 and 22 lessons in English, maths, science, humanities and SMSC delivered live by qualified, experienced teachers. 


The programmes are differentiated and are mapped to the National Curriculum. Enrol a student at any time during the academic year with a commitment only to the end of each half term. Provision can be renewed on a half-termly basis.

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APC Courses |

£24 per student, per lesson

A course delivered in one or two years by a qualified, experienced teacher, resulting in a qualification at either Level 1 or 2*. Enrol students at any point in the academic year and within 48 hours, they will join a group of up to just 10 students. Commitment can be made up to the end of the academic year at a discount, or to the end of each half term. 


A perfect choice for students who are in alternative provision settings; those who cannot attend school; or students who simply find the traditional classroom troublesome.

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APC Go |

£16 per student, per lesson

Tute makes available targeted programmes of lessons as interventions to support enrichment, extension, catch-up and revision from KS2-KS5. Each half term, Tute chooses relevant, high-quality programmes to make available to schools, LAs and non-mainstream settings to support needs at different times of the academic year. 

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APC Extra |

£12.50 per student, per lesson

Tute's teachers create engaging programmes covering a wide range of subject areas to enrich curriculum, to develop skills and knowledge beyond core subjects, and to foster in students a love and respect for learning for its own sake. 


We will collaborate with partners to ensure that the half-termly programmes made available support students and schools’ needs in areas that are not always to easy to cater for.

APC Extra provides a programme in mental health and wellbeing; a series of six lessons delivered by our specially-trained teachers, it has been built to fit into your curriculum to provide informative sessions to promote positive mental wellness and how students can look after themselves to prevent crisis.

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We want every student to feel confident in their learning with APC Online and that's why we offer a taster lesson/s